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Nu-Life OPTI CAL/MAG 1:1 Regular Strength - 90 Caplets

Nu-Life OPTI CAL/MAG 1:1 Regular Strength - 90 Caplets

Regular Strength 1:1 ratio cal mag with 300mg calcium + 300mg magnesium with added synergisitc nutrients to increase mineral uptake by the bones.�
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  • Bisglycinate form of minerals (Highly absorbable)
  • Synergistic base (Increases absorption of all minerals)
  • Available in caplet and capsule format (Consumer has choice to meet their digestive needs and ease of swallowing)
  • Supports Bone health
  • Aids muscle function
  • Improved nerve /brain function
  • Supports heart function
  • Important factor in teeth, connective tissue




Opti-Cal/Mag® Regular Strength 1:1 contains elemental calcium in a highly absorbable bisglycinate form, which is 180% more absorbable than common citrate forms. Zinc, vitamin D3 and digestive aids increase the effectiveness of this formula. Plus, added key nutrients protect calcium from interrupted absorption. Beneficial for individuals who have a diet high in processed foods and meats whose requirements for both calcium and magnesium are higher.