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Metagenics UltraInflamX Chocolate Orange - 728 g (25.7 oz)

Metagenics UltraInflamX Chocolate Orange - 728 g (25.7 oz)

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728 g (25.7 oz)




  • Can be used as part of a comprehensive elimination, GI Restoration,or anti-inflammatory lifestyle program.
  • Supports Phase II detoxification, gastrointestinal mucosa integrity,and reduction of damaging free-radical generation.
  • Features a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, bioflavonoids, and the phytonutrients rutin, curcuminoids, and quercetin to nutritionally support healthy essential fatty acid metabolism.
  • Provides a low-allergy-potential rice protein concentrate that isaugmented with essential amino acids for increased biological value
  • Supplies high-molecular-weight rice dextrins as a carbohydrate source.
  • Provides a good source of antioxidants with a high ORAC†† value of 17,108.
  • Comes with a Quick-Start Guide and a more comprehensive Patient Guide for complete program guidelines.
Metagenics Ultra InflamX Medical Food Tropical Mango Flavor is a pleasant-tasting, easily digested medical food that provides nutritional support for patients with inflammatory bowel disease:
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn's disease
Who would benefit from UltraInflamX Medical Food?
People whose quality of life is affected by IBD (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease) and associated chronic inflammation and pain. This formula may offer an advantage for extraintestinal pain and inflammation.

How does UltraInflamX Medical Food work?
This product provides targeted, research-based nutrients to modulate inflammatory and pain processes associated with IBD-with an excellent predicted safety profile. It contains a combination of plant-based ingredients that are designed to work with your body (not against it) to inhibit triggers for inflammation and pain without interfering with health functioning. An unhealthy diet (highly processed foods, low nutrients) and common food sensitivities may also influence gastrointestinal health, inflammation, and related symptoms. This product is recommended for use with a modified elimination diet-a healthful balance that limits consumption of foods with increased allergen potential and reduces dietary chemical exposure.

What makes Metagenics different from most nutritional supplement companies?
A lot of things make Metagenics stand above other companies-a focus on patient health, quality manufacturing, ingredient testing, safety reviews, clinical testing, scientific research, unique formulas, and more.