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Ddrops Adult Ddrops Vitamin D3 1000 iu - 180 drops

Ddrops Adult Ddrops Vitamin D3 1000 iu - 180 drops

The sunshine vitamin in just one drop! for adults
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5 ml




1000 iu
  •  Healthy growth.
  •  Healthy development.
  •  Recommended by Paediatrics.
  •  The happy vitamin!
  •  Easy to take liquid form.
Canada's Food Guide has recognized that vitamin D is the only nutrient which adults over 50 cannot rely on diet alone to receive their recommended daily dose. See Sources of Vitamin D We shouldn't do it by sun alone! The Canadian Dermatology Association says "In order to lessen the health risks associated with skin cancer yet still reap the known and possible benefits of vitamin D, the CDA recommends people concerned about vitamin D levels take 1,000 units of vitamin D supplements a day. These are safe to use and equally effective as the sun in maintaining healthy levels of this vitamin in the body while avoiding the risk of getting skin cancer." Ddrops® are the sunshine vitamin in just one drop!® Ddrops® offers people an alternative to taking conventional pills or capsules.