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Bell Women’s Bladder Tea - 120 g

Bell Women’s Bladder Tea - 120 g

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120 g


  • Puts an end to interrupted sleep, anxiety-ridden travel, embarrassing odor and wet underwear.
  • No more frequent urination or uncontrolled leaking.
  • Covers all dimensions of urinary tract health – a clean urinary tract, relaxed bladder muscles and reduced inflammation and irritation.
  • Pleasing aroma and tastes great. It has a nice slightly sweet, citrus flavor making it an enjoyable part of your morning routine.
  • No sugar needed. Is safe and effectiveNo caffeine 
  • Comes in an easy-brew tea.
  • Bulk packaged to save you money
  • No side effects.
  • Combined power of 12 different All natural herbs
  • Guaranteed to make urine flow easier again
Don't Let Your Fear Of Frequent Urination Keep You Trapped At Home; Regain Control Over Your Bladder And Your Life!

How many times have you decided to pass on a trip because of your bladder? Or excused yourself early from a night out because you were worried about the odor that comes with the unpredictable leaks. How about those grueling nights – endless trips to the bathroom and no relief? It's time to put an end to this.

How To Fix Frequent Urination With Natural Herbs

The truth of the matter is, bladder control problems are nothing new. Childbirth and life's other trials and tribulations can put a strain on your lower pelvic wall. The muscles surrounding your bladder can lose their tone. 

And any little irritation can trigger the urge to pee – coming on often without warning. Plagued by this embarrassing problem for eons, women have developed effective solutions that have been used for generations.

Bladder Control Tea For Women taps into this age-old wisdom. You get real relief from the best herbs for bladder and urinary tract health. You get a masterful mix of herbs that will help you maintain control of your bladder . . . and your life.