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Bell Erosyn for Women #7 - 30 Tablets - 100 mcg

Bell Erosyn for Women #7 - 30 Tablets - 100 mcg

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100 mcg
  • Natural supplement to restore Libido and interest in intimacy.
  • Rejuvenates sexual reproductive system naturally without side effects.
  • The only libido product that works for women.
  • Many of our clients claim it saved their marriage.
  • Works by rejuvenating sexual reproductive system
  • No scheduling or timing needed
  • Backed by clinical trials
  • Safe and effective; No side effects
  • Contains no artificial flavours, preservatives, lactose or yeast
The only product that works for women in a useful way...

For men, the major problem is sexual performance. For women, it’s desire. For years, women, some only in their 30’s have searched the market place for a product that can enhance their libido and increase their overall interest in sex to no avail. Although there are numerous drugs on the market for men, nothing has been developed that effectively addresses the sexual needs of women. Until now. Until Erosyn™.

Erosyn™ is an effective and safe product that not only helps increase a woman’s libido, naturally, but also works as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce the pain and inflammation of such female disorders as endometriosis. Erosyn™ works so well, that it comes with a guarantee. Recommended to be taken regularly.

Lack of interest (libido) to make love is the main difficulty for most women when they are over 30, especially if there is too much stress in their lives from having a full time job and a household to look after. If there are children, the work load may double again. By bed time they may be too exhausted to have anything on their mind other than sleep. Smart husbands help their wives with the household work and can expect to get more attention from their wives. As you can see from the examples on this sheet, libido can be regained in most cases with Erosyn™. Some may notice a change within days and others may need a few weeks or the full cycle of 90 days. All cells in our body renew in a 54-64 day cycle.

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